The Cheryl Cole phenomenon

It is no exaggeration to say that over the past year. the former Mrs Ashley Cole has become the nation’s sweetheart. With the press poring over her every move. And whilst there is no denying that Cheryl is beautiful, there is one aspect of her face that would have not always have been considered so desirable.

“The natural dimple is essentially a defect.” says consultant plastic surgeon Mr Shailesh Vadodaria. “The skin of the cheek is tethered to the underlying tissue and deeper, to the muscle itself. When you smile. the muscles will contract and that tethering becomes very apparent.”

So famed is Ms Cole for this particular characteristic that she is nicknamed ‘Dimples’, and since her rise to superstardom there has been a huge increase in the number of women seeking surgery to recreate this detect in their own cheeks.

“Over the past year. I have started getting a large number of enquiries about dimple creation in the UK.” Mr Vadodatia confirms. ‘My basic surgical training was in India. where dimples have long been seen as a sign of beauty because a lot of Bollywood actresses have them. So I was aware of the dimple creation procedure. but never realised it would be so popular in the UK.’

If you’re keen to follow suit and get the Cheryl Cole look for yourself. you may be in luck, as it’s not so complex as you might think.

“I perform dimpleplasty as an office procedure. under local anaesthetic, Mr Vadodaria explains. “I make a small cut inside the cheek aid create a latrogenic tethering of the underlying element of the skin to the muscle. Essentially recreating that defect.

“There is no Visible scar. But for the first few weeks there will be a constant dimple in the cheek, even when you are not smiling. I tell patients they can either cover that with a small dressing and tell friends that they have an insect bite. Which they don’t want to get infected or can come clean and explain that in a few weeks time the dimples will only appear when they smile.’


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