Extreme Beauty: Surgeries Cheeky Side

Having them now gives me a baby face – I’m in my twenties but I still look cute. which has done wonders for my self-esteem!


Ironically. Dimples are actually a genetic defect that occurs when the skin sticks to the connective tissue underneath. Dimple creation surgery, or dimpleplasty, involves making a circular cut inside the cheek. Muscle tissue in removed. Leaving the skin intact. which creates a cylindrical shaped hole under the skin. lt’s closed by a stitch that goes through the skin and is then tied in a knot to cause dimpling.

The long-term remit; may not be quite so pretty. though. As the skin ages and loses its elasticity. The dimple won’t move with it and could end up looking completely out of place.

Louise was so concerned about the results that she just got one cheek done first and let it heal fully before going back to have the procedure on the other side. ‘When I first saw the results. I started to panic about the hole in my face. But after a few months it looked completely natural’ she says. And yet, even though she’s thrilled with the results. Louise still hasn’t told her friends and family, ‘While my cheek was healing. I covered it up with a plaster. I really hope that no one figures it out – I know they just won’t get it.’

I have to admit. I remain sceptical about having an innate feature of someone else placed on your body. That said.  if they could transplant Drew’s locks on to my head, l’d certainly be willing to site it a try.

Need to know

DIMPLEPLASTY is carried out under local anaesthetic and takes about 20 Minutes.

RESULT For the first couple of weeks the dimples are constant. After that. The skin flattens out, creating a dimple only when you smile.


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