Skype or FaceTime consultation is new platform to help you  meet our entire MACS team virtually from all across the globe at your convenient time

Benefits of Skype/FaceTime consultation:

  1. Time effective – no need to travel personally to the clinic.
  1. Free of cost – We provide free FaceTime and Skype consultation
  1. Flexibility – We can arrange consultation with the MACS team at your convenient time.
  1. Virtual consultation with the MACS team – You can have an idea of our entire team prior to deciding to visit us.


What can you expect in your Skype/ FaceTime Consultation?

  1. Details of the procedure of interest – Our team surgeon will discuss with you the procedure
  1. Price of the procedure – Our team will provide you the guide price for the procedure
  1. Face to Face consultation – Our team will facilitate your face to face consultation with our surgeon