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  • From my Initial visit, I felt welcome and was in good care. Dr.Shailesh Vadodaria is very professional answered all my questions I am extremely satisfied with the result, He did an amazing job on dimple creation I absolutely love my smile now. I must say Dr.Shailesh Vadodaria’s team is very helpful wonderful as well. I am extremely happy that I chose Dr.Shailesh Vadodaria highly recommend him. Read more testimonials

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  • Mr Vadodaria and his team are always at hand for when you need them, they keep in constant contact via email and phone making the experience far more positive. You have to remember you are risking your life this is a huge decision and Mr Vadodaria’s experience and credentials made me feel at ease. Read more testimonials

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  • I have had three minor procedures with Mr Vadodaria and my experience with both him and his team has been first class. Mr Vadodaria is very generous with his time and takes care to ensure that you are well informed about the procedure you are interested in, including setting expectations from the outset. Mr Vadodaria was very careful to balance my desired outcome with my safety throughout. Read more testimonials

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Ear and now

Mr Shailesh Vadodaria gives his perspective on earlobe repair surgery in Aesthetic Medicine magazine. A Woman’s earlobes, while th

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The hands are an extraordinary part of our body and allow us to perform multiple different activities of potentially incredible dexterity. Unfortunately, things can go wrong and there are a variety of conditions that can affect the hand. These may involve

Weight problems

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  Liposuction is cosmetic surgery‘s most misconceived procedure. Mr Shailesh Vadodaria discusses what it can really achieve, the equipment, and who makes a good patient Liposuction is a technique that re-moves unwanted deposits of fat from specific

Dimple Creation

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A knock-on effect from our celebrity era is the rising popularity of the cheek dimple Dimples are considered an attractive facial feature. In Asian folklore a dimple suggests good fortune and fertility: in the West it is viewed as cute or adding to facial

Beauty from Behind

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Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetics Guide talks to Mr Shailesh Vadoderia to find out why the fashion focus has shifted from boobs to burn and hove you can possess the perfect posterior Over the centuries, society‘s idea of a ‘desirable’ body s