The soft tissue of the face and neck loses their elasticity and strength. This is compounded by the stresses of daily life, gravitational factors, exposure to sun and alteration in body weight. The ageing process is also determined by our genes. The speed and the extent of ageing are different from face, neck and other parts of the body. There is a distinct disproportion in ageing of the face/neck and mind. Some people may not accept the age related changes when they see in the mirror as they don’t feel that old in their mind.
The facelift procedure is designed to tighten and lift the soft tissue of your face below the eyes. The neck lift operation tightens and lifts the soft tissue of you of the neck.

Advantages of facelift/neck lift:

It tightens the loose skin and slept and muscles. The outcome of the operation depends upon the elasticity of the skin distribution of the flat underneath the skin tone of the muscles and the bone structure underneath the soft tissue.

More questions about facelift surgery?

Can you please tell me about the procedure, anaesthetics and the hospitalisation?

Your surgeon will discuss with you at the time of your consideration the extent of the procedure and the type of the anaesthetic used. Mini facelift and/or mini neck lift can be done under local anaesthetic. Your surgeon will discuss the extent of face/neck lift and the required type of anaesthetics. These types of procedures can be performed under either local anaesthetics and sedation or under general anaesthetic. Your surgeon will decide about the extent of hospital stay for you. Your surgeon will discuss the extent of scar you will be left behind on your face/neck following face/neck lift. Your procedure comprises of tightening and lifting soft tissue of face/neck e.g. skin and underlying muscles/fascia. You may require volumising your face by injection of fat graft or absorbable dermal filler.

What needs to be done before my operation?

You are expected to inform your surgeon about your past as well as current illnesses e.g. heart, lung, thyroid, kidney, bleeding, clotting, and psychological disorders. You must update your surgeon on your current medications e.g. steroids, immunosuppressants, blood thinning tablets and injections. You must stop smoking 6 weeks before the date of your operation. Your surgeon will advise you to stop blood-thinning tablets approximately 10 days before the date of your operation. You should confirm by yourself that you are not pregnant at the time of undergoing this procedure.

What should I do before, in the hospital and after the procedure to optimise the outcome of the surgery?

You must stop smoking six weeks before the date of your operation. You should follow the instructions regarding use of blood thinning medications e.g Aspirin and Warfarin 10 days before the date of your operation. You must maintain your personal hygiene and hydration around the date of your operation. You will expect to have variable degree of dizziness and sleepiness depending upon the type and the length of the anaesthetic used for your procedure. You will see that your face and head is covered with bulky dressing. You will also expect to have a degree of swelling bruising and discolouration around your operated area. You will be discharged home after removal of the Bulky bandage and the plastic tubing which is used for suction of the fluid from underneath your skin. You will be advised to take painkillers and antibiotics as appropriate by the medical team in the clinic at the time of discharge. You should not drive home. You should not commence strenuous exercise and sexual activities in the early postoperative period without your surgeon’s permission. You should not start smoking For at least 4 weeks in the postoperative period. You should rest in a semi-sitting position for 72 hours to reduce swelling on your face and use icepack well covered with a layer of cloth to avoid the direct contact of ice to your skin.

What are my options instead of and above/beyond the face/neck lift operation?

You have informed that the procedures are not essential but you wish to get is done to improve your appearance. The science of facial ascetics is very wide base. You must educate yourself about available options and alternatives before the date of your initial consultation with your surgeon. The aesthetic procedures comprise of laser resurfacing, chemical peels, dermabrasion, fat grafting, injection of absorbable dermal filler, chin augmentation and liposuction to chin/neck area. You must discuss and decide with your surgeon about your requirement of eyelid, eyebrow and forehead procedures.

What are the risks of this procedure ?

It is absolutely essential for you to discuss with your surgeon and make sure that you understand the associated risk and the consequences of the procedure you have decided to undergo. Scars-thickening, stretching, hyper and hypopigmentation, Bleeding, Wound gaping and delayed wound healing, Loss of skin and soft tissue which can eventually leave behind unsightly visible scar, Change of skin colour, Infection leading to abscess formation, Swelling , bruising ,discolouration, Under /over correction, Asymmetry, Altered sensation, Damage to the deeper structures -facial nerve paralysis causing permanent weakness of the facial muscles and deformed face, Injury to the parotid duct or parotid gland will leave behind salivary fistula, Injury to the sensory nerve around the ear may cause reduced or increased painful sensations in and around the ear

Unsatisfactory outcome which may require multiple revision surgery. Deterioration of the outcome related to progressive ageing and weight loss/gain Allergic reaction including anaphylactic shock, chest infection, blood clot into your legs and chest, heart attack or stroke, death.

When should I think about seeking urgent medical advice?

If you or your attendant at home notice a progressively increasing swelling, pain, change in the colour of your skin usually on one side of your face If you notice breathlessness and/or chest pain, swelling of your leg/s, If you start running a fever( raised body temperature), If you feel increasingly unwell then you must seek urgent medical attention from the following sources: contact your surgeon, the clinic/ hospital where the operation was performed, your general practitioner, local accident and emergency department in your area.

What should I expect following face/neck lift?

There will be a degree of swelling bruising discolouration are following this procedure. This will take 6 to 8 weeks to get completely settled.. You should confirm with your Surgeon when you can start wearing your usual makeup. The scars following such surgery will take up to 18 months to become soft supple and mature. The assessment of any cosmetic surgery/procedure including face/neck surgery is subjective. majority of the patients are generally satisfied with the final outcome but some find a new look unacceptable. This may happen to you. It is not possible to judge the final results of the procedure before 9 to 18 months. Even after the successful procedure, you may require additional procedures for further refinements and adjustments.


  1. What is the cost of this procedure?
    Mini Facelift/Mini Neck Lift from £2500 Facelift /Neck Lift from £5000


I am already absolutely delighted with the results from my lower facelift surgery which was only performed 6 weeks ago. I thought it would be useful for other male patients if I put down a few Q and A’s of the things which were of concern to me:

Does it hurt? No, it most definitely does not. I would describe an ear ache as 10 times worse;

A drain was inserted during the op which was taken out the following morning and I did not feel it coming out at all;

After 5 days I went for my follow-up appointment expecting the stitches to be removed and was pleasantly surprised to learn that in order to save the discomfort and time of removing stitches, which can take up to 45 mins per side, Mr Vadodaria uses dissolvable stitches so no discomfort there!

After surgery there was minimal bruising and any sign of the stitches was easily hidden with a beanie hat and, after a week or so, the hat was not necessary;

My only regret is that I did not get it carried out sooner! I have not had to grow a goatee because I have found my chin again!

My surgery has inspired my friends to pay a visit to Mr Vadodaria;

The result is a subtle, refreshed more youthful me.

From the moment you step into Mr Vadodaria’s modern, comfortable clinic for your initial consultation, you feel welcome and at ease. His team are polite and courteous and privacy is respected at all times.

I have had upper and lower blepharoplasty on one occasion and a facelift combined with autologous fat transfer subsequently.

Mr Vadodaria is an extremely likeable, charming man and is always very attentive. He allows plenty of time for an informed, detailed discussion during which he will give you a very clear indication of his anticipated realistic results and the best way possible in which to achieve them. If you forget to ask him something at the time, you can always call the office at a later stage and they will get you an answer. Nothing is too much trouble for them.

The results speak for themselves: Mr Vadodaria has a wealth of knowledge and experience, not to mention a natural flair and ability to achieve amazing results. He is passionate about his work and he will go the extra mile to get the best possible results for his patients.

The personal care and service you receive from Mr Vadodaria and his team throughout the whole process is above and beyond the call of duty and is extremely reassuring during a time when you may feel vulnerable and apprehensive. He visited me on the morning of my surgery to reiterate the details of the procedure and at least once afterwards the same day. He also telephoned the hospital later that evening to check on my progress and visited me the following morning prior to discharge. His staff also telephoned to ensure that I was feeling well after the journey home and also called again the following day to ask if I had any problems or concerns. Mr Vadodaria also encouraged me to phone him on his personal mobile no. if I had any problems post surgery.

For the record, I did not have any problems and experienced what can only be described as mild discomfort. I did not have to wear a pressure garment either. However, you must be patient and allow a couple of weeks for the swelling and bruising to disappear. I worked from home during this time but I appreciate this is not always possible. It can be awkward during the recovery process but the results are well worthwhile.

Before and After Photos

Mini facelift performed under local anaesthetics

Patient – 1


Minifacelift performed by Dr. Shailesh Vadodaria at MACS Clinic

Patient – 2

Mini facelift performed under local anaesthetics

Patient – 3

Correction of Turkey Gobbler deformity of neck under local anaesthetics

Patient – 4

Mini facelift performed under local anaesthetics

Patient – 5

Facelift and chin augmentation performed by Mr. Shailesh Vadodaria

Patient – 6

Facelift, chin implant, lower blepharoplasty and fat graft on face performed by Mr. Shailesh Vadodaria

Patient – 7