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RealSelf Patient Reviews of Shailesh Vadodaria, MD

Facial Surgery

Face Lift Male

I am already absolutely delighted with the results from my lower facelift surgery, which was only performed 6 weeks ago.

I thought it would be useful for other male patients if I put down a few QA’s of the things which were of concern to me …

Does it hurt? No, it most definitely does not. I would describe an ear ache as 10 times worse.

A drain was inserted during the op which was taken out the following morning and I did not feel it coming out at all.

After 5 days I went for my follow-up appointment expecting the stitches to be removed, and was pleasantly surprised to learn that in order to save the discomfort and time of removing stitches, which can take up to 45 mins per side, Mr Vadodaria used dissolvable stitches so no discomfort there!

After surgery, there was minimal bruising and any sign of the stitches was easily hidden with a beanie hat. After a week or so, the hat was not necessary.

My only regret is that I did not get it carried out sooner! I have not had to grow a goatee because I have found my chin again!

My surgery has inspired my friends to pay a visit to Mr Vadodaria.

The result is a subtle, refreshed, more youthful me

Eyelid Reduction (Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty)

From the moment you step into Mr Vadodaria’s modern, comfortable clinic for your initial consultation, you feel welcome and at ease. His team are polite and courteous and privacy is respected at all times.

I have had upper and lower blepharoplasty on one occasion and a facelift combined with autologous fat transfer subsequently.

Mr Vadodaria is an extremely likeable, charming man and is always very attentive. He allows plenty of time for an informed, detailed discussion during which he will give you a very clear indication of his anticipated realistic results and the best way possible in which to achieve them. If you forget to ask him something at the time, you can always call the office at a later stage and they will get you an answer. Nothing is too much trouble for them.

The results speak for themselves: Mr Vadodaria has a wealth of knowledge and experience, not to mention a natural flair and ability to achieve amazing results. He is passionate about his work and he will go the extra mile to get the best possible results for his patients.

The personal care and service you receive from Mr Vadodaria and his team throughout the whole process is above and beyond the call of duty and is extremely reassuring during a time when you may feel vulnerable and apprehensive. He visited me on the morning of my surgery to reiterate the details of the procedure and at least once afterwards the same day. He also telephoned the hospital later that evening to check on my progress and visited me the following morning prior to discharge. His staff also telephoned to ensure that I was feeling well after the journey home and also called again the following day to ask if I had any problems or concerns. Mr Vadodaria also encouraged me to phone him on his personal mobile no. if I had any problems post surgery.

For the record, I did not have any problems and experienced what can only be described as mild discomfort. I did not have to wear a pressure garment either. However, you must be patient and allow a couple of weeks for the swelling and bruising to disappear. I worked from home during this time but I appreciate this is not always possible. It can be awkward during the recovery process but the results are well worthwhile.

Eyelid Reduction (Upper Blepharoplasty)

I had upper eyelid surgery in August this year, to correct a sagging lid which gave me some problems with my peripheral vision as the skin (especially over my right eye) sagged down.

I first went to St John’s in Livingston for the initial assessment, and then was placed on the waiting list to be seen by a consultant.

I was contacted in July and asked if I would be prepared to be seen at The Golden Jubilee in Clydebank. I was given an appointment on 18th July and was happy to attend there. I was seen by Mr Vadodaria Consultant Plastic Surgeon, and despite being very nervous was put immediately at my ease. He immediately agreed that I was a good candidate for the upper eyelid surgery and there and then gave me an admission date of 20th August 2008. Mr Vadodaria talked me through what would happen, never once making me feel anxious or afraid, or even self conscious, as in my mind this was an operation to help me see properly, but to the Staff at St John’s when I was seen there last December 2007, this was plastic surgery. Photos were taken of my eyes from various angles and then I was seen by a nurse who proceeded to do various tests / assessments. The whole procedure took up to two hours, but I felt so elated that I would have stayed there all day.

On the day of my operation, I was seen promptly and booked into my room. Mr Vadodaria came to see me and told me what time my operation would be. I was treated like a celebrity at all times all staff were fantastic. At one time down in the Anaesthetic room I was really worked up and started to cry, the staff immediately calmed me down. I was put to sleep and woke up with pads over my eyes. Mr Vadodaria came to see me a few hours later and told me that I could go home that night. I felt my eyes a little gritty and bruised but by morning they felt great.

I have returned to have my stitches removed and for one post op appointment and again was seen by Mr Vadodaria, who was as pleased as me with my eyes although he was a little critical of his work, but my eyes are fantastic. My family and friends all agreed how fabulous I look. From receiving this operation to correct my sight I also look younger and less tired. I am actually wearing eye makeup for the first time in years and it looks great.

My treatment by staff and the Doctor was exemplary from start to finish. I was always taken on time sometimes early, and treated (as previously stated) like a celebrity. I always felt that I was the only patient to be seen, as the staff and Mr Vadodaria never seemed to rush things and always explained fully what was going to happen.

I can?t thank Mr Vadodaria and the staff at the Golden Jubilee enough for all their kindness and great treatment before, during and after my stay in hospital, even as I write this testimony, I can’t believe how good my eyes look and that the scarring is almost invisible. I feel and look fantastic. Words just don’t seem enough to express my gratitude.

Dimple Creation Patient 1

I am writing to thank you very much for my dimple creation surgery; it has been a very positive change for me. I am very fortunate to have found a surgeon like you to carry out my surgery.

As soon as I met Mr Vadodaria, I knew immediately that he was the surgeon for me. He was kind, considerate, highly professional and affordable.

I am so happy with the outcome!

Nose Correction Patient 1 (Septo-Rhinoplasty)

I suffered with a deviated nose for many years, so I decided to do something about it. I got in touch with BMI health care group and they referred me to Mr. Vadodaria a cosmetic surgeon.

I booked a consultation where we discussed my concerns in regards to my nose, Mr. Vadodaria was very kind, clear, and very sympathetic. The conclusion of the consultation was that Mr. Vadodaria was able to do a procedure that has eradicated my problem.

I had the surgery which was very successful and I am very delighted with the result. I was very impressed with the whole experience and feel very happy with the professional and speedy way that my first visit and the surgery and after care has gone. I would be happy to recommend this clinic.

Nose Correction Patient 2 (Rhinoplasty)

I would like to thank you for the surgery you performed in august of this year. Since having the surgery done know longer feel paranoid when people look at my face I can now also hold my head up and I am also a lot more confident than before having surgery done I could not look people in the eye and always had my head down. My family and friends have seen a big change within myself and in the way I look. Having surgery done has also changed my image and also changed my health for the better, I had quite poor health before the surgery was done. Can’t comment on how it has changed my social life as I am not a person who goes out very often. Thank you again.

Nose Job Correction Patient 3 (Rhinoplasty)

My doubts before the surgery……

One of my biggest fear was if I didn’t like my new nose, however Mr. Shailesh Vadodaria showed me on the computer software how my nose will roughly look like. I felt much more clam after I saw this. What made me choose Mr. Vadodaria was his great experience of previous patients. During my first consultation I was naturally nervous but he was so nice and made me feel relaxed. Before the operation Mr. Vadodaria greeted me and assured me that everything will be okay. It was not at all painful. After removing the splint from my nose it is a moment I will never forget. I feel this was the best decision I have ever made and over all my confidence has shoot up. I am no longer worried or uncomfortable when someone can see my nose from the side. I definitely recommend this procedure to people who are unhappy with their nose. Thank you

Nose Job Correction Patient 4 (Rhinoplasty)

Very unhappy with how I looked, I was not confident, people used to be very hurtful about shape and size. Also my nose was partially blocked on one side, making breathing difficult, especially when I had a cold or hay fever.

My Mother and Father were very anxious about the operation. I was accompanied on each visit by my Mother, she was very nervous about the operation.

Mothers Views:

When my daughter went to the hospital both her care and welfare were seen to 100%! I would definitely suggest to anyone undergoing this procedure to see Mr Vadodaria. The aftercare also has been wonderful.


Present time seeing the difference today is marvellous cannot believe how bad it was. The nose looks very natural. I am now much more confident, I have a better lifestyle and I am enjoying life to the full. I would definitely recommend the practice to my friends and have been thrilled with the care given to me and the outcome of my procedure.

Dimple Creation Patient 2

From my Initial visit, I felt welcome and was in good care. Dr.Shailesh Vadodaria is very professional answered all my questions I am extremely satisfied with the result, He did an amazing job on dimple creation I absolutely love my smile now. I must say Dr.Shailesh Vadodaria’s team is very helpful wonderful as well. I am extremely happy that I chose Dr.Shailesh Vadodaria highly recommend him.

Dimple Creation Patient 3

I had always wanted to have dimples, so I had went online to see how I could go around the situation of actually getting dimples done. I am 20 years old and had never undertaken surgery before, so getting dimples done for the first time had been a scary experience. However with the excellent services and help revived from the Medical Arts for Cosmetic Surgery department had really set my mind at ease and made me feel confident with all the procedures and after care activities that would be undertaken. The doctor and all staff members had been so down to earth and ever so helpful. They ensured that I had felt comfortable as soon as I had stepped into the surgery till the point of my aftercare. The doctor who had been Mr. Shailesh Vadodaria had sat down with me and shown me all his previous clients that he had helped and told me some insight about himself and how he had come across dimple surgery and had taken it into practice; which I believe is very important when undertaking surgery as I knew he had been experienced and well educated in just one of the fields he specializes in. The surgery had been around 30 minutes long and I could not believe how genuine and kind all the staff members had been. From the receptionist, nurse, and the doctor himself. After I had undertaken my surgery and went home on the same day, the staff had still been in contact with me through the phone, email and text. This had without a doubt exceeded my expectations of what I had initially thought. I even came in after two weeks for a follow up and I had been so grateful with the services I had received all the way up to the surgery outcome. I can put my hand on my heart and say that if anyone is thinking about going for the dimple creation, this place is the best place to go for! Especially being so affordable, it is definitely worth the price you would be paying for. My dimples look amazing and I get compliments everywhere I go, I couldn’t feel more confident and happy with myself and its all because of the team at Medical Art for Cosmetic Surgery. I thank everyone from the team, and I am confident that this surgery is only going to progress and be one of the best cosmetic surgery in the UK.

Dimple Creation Patient 4

The procedure was extremely comfortable. Mr Vadodaria reassured me throughout the procedure. He was very informative about dimple creation. He gave me very detailed information about the positive and negative sides of getting it done therefore I didn’t feel pressured which was great.

Definitely recommend him to it to anyone thinking of getting the procedure done. Great value for money as well as great results. My new dimples look so natural people are just complimenting me on how cute they are. They say I look like Gabrielle Union. I love them. Anyone thinking of getting it done will definitely feel satisfied with them as well as the information given before the procedure.

I had right side dimple creation by Mr. vadodaria. It was a nice experience for me. The operation went easily and fast without feeling of any pain. The outcome was as I expected. The pre procedure consultation was good and I have been given all the information regarding my procedure. I have been given time to decide if I would like go for the procedure. The staff were well qualified and lovely. I didn’t feel afraid about being there. I do recommend anyone who would like to do dimple creation to do it with Mr. Vadodaria.

Ear Correction

I am writing to thank you for the very successful ear surgery which you performed for my daughter.

She was delighted with the outcome (it was definitely worth the pain of the local!) and it has transformed her confidence in her appearance, and her self-confidence.

As you know, she has gone to volunteering for a year and so is not attending for her follow-up appointment. I’ve let the hospital know this. The scars are well healed and there has been absolutely no problem.

If possible, I would be grateful to receive one of the before and after pictures which you took.


Breast Surgery

Breast Augmentation Patient 1

am a 55 year old who has suffered for many years due to large breasts (34H). Although I had experienced the usual problems associated with large breasts i.e. back pain, shoulder pain, skin sores, low self esteem, I was reluctant to do something about it and was eventually persuaded by others seek advice. I am now delighted that I did as I had my operation six weeks ago and I am very pleased with the results. My surgeon, has done, in my estimation an excellent job and my only regret is that I waited so long before doing something about this. The benefits of this operation wholly outweigh the discomfort felt afterwards.

There is most certainly some pain and general body fatique after this operation and it was two weeks before I felt began to feel well again. However, this may have been a result of a second operation following the breast reduction – this was to remove some blood that had not drained away. Apparently, this is not unusual and did not cause me any distress.

It is now six weeks since the op and there is still a little discomfort and some swelling remains but nothing to prevent me from visiting the gym next week to test my new 34DD’s on the running machine. A new experience for me!!

Breast Augmentation Patient 2

I am writing to thank you very much for my surgery; it has been a very positive change for me. I almost feel the old me again.

It was November 1991when I gave birth to my first child a son which I am very proud of love very much, but after I had him my breasts went to nearly a size double FF with the milk the nurses had to bind me up with sheets as I could not even lift my arms or fit a bra on to support my breasts for the first 3 day. After the milk dryed up all I was left with was skin, this is where my problems started.

I covered this up for years keeping busy trying to accept that this is how it would have to be, then in 2005 I gave birth to my 2nd child a beautiful daughter which I love very much also, but the state of my breasts just got worse from this stage onwards to the point it was taking over my life I was just so unhappy low I could not function any more I just cried none stop became so lost low I gave up on everything.

I went shopping one day to a proper bra shop to be measured the assistant told me she could not measure me as the skin was so low she didn’t think I was even an A cup, this just made me realise how much I had to do something about it, I just could not go on like that so I asked to be referred to a specialist. my husband thought it was a small price to pay for having 2 lovely children to which I agree but he was still been very supportive through it all never judged me, he only ever said I was fine the way I was to grow old gracefully as they say, but it was inside me I had to try fix what was making me feel so low. I have problems with my back always will thank you for looking out for my health first. I find now I can cope with my back more as I have that fighting spirit back in me want to do more. I go swimming again which helps my friends say I am happy but I feel like a new person. I used to wear 3 chicken fillets as they call them on each side of my bra every day to look normal to people so after the surgery nobody would notice. I never wanted the surgery to show off, I just wanted to feel feminine look normal I do look normal now I feel so happy. I still wear my baggy jumpers as I did before but I feel so happy inside that I am not covering anything up anymore. I would just like to thank you again as it has made me want to get up in the morning again.

Breast Augmentation Patient 3

I wanted to write a huge thanks to everyone involved in my recent surgical procedure.

I understand that it is rare to have breast surgery through the NHS and could even be phased out in the near future. So I consider myself to be extremely lucky. Having this surgery has changed my life in many different ways, I now feel, two months post operative, a totally different person. I would like to share with you exactly how grateful I am.

Before having my children I was, what I considered to be small chested, but I definitely had breasts. I was very confident in my own body and enjoyed life fully. At the age of 26 my husband and I had our first child. I enjoyed my daughter so much we wanted a brother or sister to complete our family. It was after having our second child and breast feeding him for eight months that my breasts got a lot smaller. Thinking back it was at this point that I became depressed about my body. My self confidence seemed to disappear. I stopped socialising as much and only went to the shops for clothing when it was necessary. I started to think about breast augmentation but knew I would never be able to finance it myself. I went to my doctors to enquire about it, only to be told that I could not get it done through the NHS, and to massage them as this was proven to encourage tissue growth. Although feeling very foolish, every evening I tried this until I realised it just would not work.

I love my husband dearly but loosing most of my breast was affecting our relationship intimately. Having breasts to me is part of being a woman, not having them left me feeling unfeminine, I felt like a boy. I didn?t want my husband to look at me as I would get embarrassed. I didn’t want him to touch me because I was disgusted at how ‘freakish’ I looked and would feel.

After thinking about it for some time I decided that I wanted another baby. Even although I don’t like to admit it, a huge reason for me wanting to get pregnant again was so that I was happy and confident in my own body. I remembered how my breasts grew during pregnancy and convinced myself that this time round there was the possibility that they might stay at a normal size after feeding. This might sound totally ridiculous but at the time I thought this to be a good idea.

Having our third child was not a mistake. He is a lovely boy and now completes our family. But my plan did not work. The exact opposite happened and all my breast tissue literally disappeared. Now I was at my lowest. I had what I felt was a deformality. I would cry, get angry and hate myself for looking like such a freak. I wondered why my husband wanted to stay with me when there were normal women out there with breasts. I felt like a pre pubescent teenager. I had to use breast enhancers in my 32AA bra to give me any sort of shape. They would stick to my skin if I got too hot, they itched horribly and had a terrible smell. However I simply could not go out without them. I had to wear tops with a high neck line which was okay in the winter but come the summer you can’t get away with a polo neck! My two youngest children have never been in to a swimming pool, the thought of my breast enhancers falling out in the water was enough to put me off and there was absolutely no chance I would go without.

Again, feeling that someone might be able to help me I went the doctors once more. I was told that they could refer me to a surgeon but I would have to fund the operation myself. I was in despair, but something made me try once more. I just felt that maybe if a doctor was actually willing to listen fully or even to actually look at the fact that I had absolutely no breasts, there might be a chance that they would help me take it further. I was so frustrated because it wasn’t that I wanted to enlarge my breasts to a DD cup. I wasn’t one of the girls that wanted huge breasts, I just wanted breasts! In my eyes it was a visual deformality. If you are born with larger than normal ears the NHS will offer you treatment to resolve the problem, as it can be very distressing to have something that is visually different to the norm. I felt exactly the same. A part of me was completely different than the norm, a part of my female identity. Sometimes I would try and convince myself that it was only my breasts, things could be a lot worse and to love myself the way I was. But the fact still remained that I didn’t just have smallish boobs I had no boobs.

However I couldn’t believe it when the interim doctor I saw phoned me at home to tell me that he would refer me to a doctor at Dumfries Infirmary. This was to be the first step to achieving happiness.

I am sure you know the process I went through after that initial doctor’s appointment. A year and half later I am a totally different person. I still feel as if I am walking on air and the luckiest person alive. My confidence has definitely returned and I feel totally complete. The clouds have cleared and the old Eleanor has returned. My husband has commented on my new tall posture, I wasn’t aware of how stooped I had become. Every person has something they don’t like about their bodies, for example I think my thighs are a bit skinny, but it is a small niggle, absolutely nothing like losing my breasts, as that was part of my female identity. Since the operation I have had a couple of nights out which I thoroughly enjoyed, I was even caught dancing, something I would have shyed away from before. Clothes shopping is a thrill and my kids can’t wait for mummy to take them to the swimming pool. And the bedroom, well yes my confidence has definitely returned!

The night before my surgery I was extremely nervous. I had my family to think about, but I just knew I had to go through with it. All the staff that took care of me were absolutely fantastic! As soon as I booked myself in to the ward I was made to feel at ease. I knew straight away I was in good hands. Everyone was so thorough, checking details again and again. A lovely nurse was assigned to look after me. She was super! Calm, caring and consistent. The anaesthetist was lovely, she knew I was nervous but her calmness and understanding automatically made me feel happier. All the staff in the pre/ post operative ward were also super. Everyone from the porter to the surgeon were extremely caring, I admire their professionalism. As for the surgeon, I will never know how he does his job but he definitely does it well. I am delighted at the results; in fact I don’t think I could be happier! I will always be grateful to him.

Breast Augmentation Patient 4

had breast augmentation surgery in June 2008, it took me 20 years to pluck up enough courage to go and talk to someone, because you think everyone will think you are doing it for all the wrong reasons, but it was the best decision that I have ever made it has changed my life, in the run up to the surgery I did have my doubts whether I was doing the right thing but every time I thought about how depressed I felt, always covering up in public, never going swimming with my children, feeling sick to the stomach when I had to go shopping for clothes knowing I would never get something to fit properly, shying away when my partner went to touch me or look at me, I knew I would regret it if I did not go through with it. With the support of my family and the medical staff I had the surgery.

The first two weeks were hard and I thought what have I done, but now things are getting better I feel really good, and I am really lucky I have a partner who has been with me all the way. We went on our first beach holiday with friends, I go out without covering up and don’t even think about it, I have went shopping without getting embarrassed and because I covered up so much before and never went too big, no one has really noticed which is just what I wanted it. The medical staff are really understanding and supportive they made me feel so comfortable. I wish I had done this years ago. I would recommend anyone that is in the same position that I was to go and talk to someone, you will get support and it will change your life.

I hope the above is ok, and I would like to Thank You again for helping me feel better about myself.

Kind Regards

Breast Augmentation Patient 5

I just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you for all you have done.

I cannot believe it has only been a week and how much better i am feeling. Whilst in Cornwall last week i went to see the doctor and he was extremely complimentary about the work carried out and the ‘neatness’ of the wounds. In his words ‘a very tidy job…’

I am feeling so much better already but i am making myself take it slowly so as not to undo any of your good work!

Whilst i was at Highgate hospital the staff we all very kind and supportive (especially the lovely nurse who looked after me throughout the night who’s name i never got!!) and they made the whole experience almost a pleasure! (and no it wasn’t the drugs making me think that!)

Once again, thank you to you, Margaret and the rest of your team for everything and i look forward to seeing you this Saturday….

Kindest regards,

Breast Augmentation Patient 6

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you very much for the fantastic service you gave me last Tuesday.

I am so happy with the results and have lots of clients asking for your contact details.

Many thanks again

Breast Augmentation Patient 7

Hello, you performed a breast augmentation operation on me back on July 17. I was asked by yourself to write a story of how the operation had affected my life, well here is the story. Hope it is ok.

In July of this year, 2008, I was extremely fortunate enough to have an operation for breast augmentation. At the age of 23 this has totally changed my life.

Due to some medical reason from puberty through to adulthood, my breasts did not develop in the normal way.

For weeks after the operation i felt very strange, both mentally and physically and wondered if i had done the right thing, but three months down the line it has transformed my life. Overnight I had become a proper woman, instead of feeling like an adolescent. These changes to my body have given my life a whole different meaning. My feelings about myself have become much more positve, considering before the operation, my confidence was severely affected. I would rarely show my body off or feel comfortable in any clothes that I wore. I always wore padded bras as I was embarrassed not to.

The only way is up for me after my operation and I am grateful I was given the chance.

Breast Augmentation Patient 8

I am a mum of two children, aged 32. I have always wanted to have larger breasts prior to my pregnancies. After having two children 18 months apart I did gain 4 stone, so I hit the gym and lost the weight. However I was still not happy with my figure, my belly button looked misshaped and my breasts were smaller than before and the skin was much looser. So I decided to have cosmetic surgery to have breast enlargement and my navel shape corrected. I was nervous but I did my homework and checked I was going to see someone professional. The operation was a complete success. I now have the perfect breasts to match my new figure. It has done a wonder to my confidence and I recommend it to anyone. My children now have a happy yummy mummy.

Breast Augmentation Patient 9

For a very long time I wanted to have a breast enlargement. I didn’t feel womanly, or had any confidence. The only thing that used to give me a little bit of a confidence boost and self esteemwas to wear ‘chicken fillets’ within my bra. However as soon as I took my underwear of I was the same flat chested woman. So I decided to do something about it. I had done alot of research as well as talked to my friends who had undergone this type of procedure. One of them was an existing patient of Mr. Vadodaria and she couldn’t be any happier. So I took his number and gave his office a call.

I had two consultations and all of his team were brilliant. I even got referred to another consultant to put my mind at ease regarding my fear of operations.

On 12th March 2009 my operation took place in Highgate hospital based in North London. I had my own private room and was really looked after. It began with Mr. Vadodaria drawing lines over my breasts to plan out the surgery. His wife who is the anaesthetist, is a sweet and calm lady. What else would you need before the surgery?!

After the surgery I woke up in my room where I got help from the lovely nurse. The nurse practitioner was my favourite person as she was so gentle and lovely and I couldn’t find any better care or treatment.

After the operation I got regular appointments to monitor my progress which were complimentary. I am really pleased with my results and the operation. It was definately worth every penny.

Breast Augmentation Patient 10

My experience of the operation and the preparation for it was very good. My meetings with the doctor before it were very comfortable and getting the opportunity to speak to another girl that had the same operation was a big help.

I had been thinking about having the operation for a long time so speaking to another patient and her experience only enhanced my decision. Of course I was very nervous before the operation but that is only natural. I had read a lot of different stories online and was well prepared. That helped a lot. My biggest surprise was how much less painful it was than I thought.

I left the hospital a few hours after my operation and took my painkillers. The pain was only moderate and the only thing I found hard was to get out of bed as I was a bit afraid of using my arms. But after a week that was not a problem. A follow up visit was also organised which makes you even more comfortable and at ease.

Now it has been 6 months and I am extremely happy and wearing clothes that I would never have been able to wear before. Now I am just waiting for summer so I can wear a bikini.

Breast Lift Patient 1

For a long time, I had been very conscious of my breasts and how badly I wanted a perky upright cleavage. I decided to search for a specialist and found Mr. Vadodaria. After booking a consultation, I met Mr. Vadodaria. He was so warm and welcoming in his manner, and put me at ease straight away. After explaining to him how I felt about my breasts and nose ( I wanted revision rhinoplasty), he explained all the complications and risks in a straight forward manner, to make sure I was content with my decision. After the consultation I went home to have a think about what I wanted to do. I felt no pressure to book the surgery but I was sure that I had made the right decision. A few weeks later I had my surgery and I couldn’t be happier. My breast are now so perky and I can wear any top I desire. My nose also is exactly how I wanted it. Mr. Vadodaria has a great bedside manner with his patient’s and makes sure they are given t he best service possible.

I would recommend him to anyone wanting to have something nip, tucked or reconstructed. He will look after you and make sure that you get the best results. I would definitely go with Mr. Vadodaria if I want anything else done in the future.

Breast Lift Patient 2

I have had issues with my breasts for a long time and my confidence was being affected. At 24, I didn’t feel like my breasts were how they should be as I had breast fed 2 children and they were sagging and I was ashamed of them. I was unaware how badly it was affecting my posture as well as my confidence but now I was desperate for something to be done.

After my breast uplift I feel like a new person. I am more comfortable in my own skin, I want to show my figure off and it’s amazing to see, looking back at before and after photos just how much difference it has made to my posture as well as my confidence.

I am so glad I did something about my breasts, I can’t imagine how I would be if I hadn’t had my uplift. Now I can fully love myself and my whole life has benefitted from it!

Breast reduction Patient 1

It is very rare today to find an excellent surgeon that one can trust and feel confident with so I was very fortunate to have found Dr Shailesh Vadodaria to carry out my silicon breast implant removal. As soon as I met Mr Vododaria I knew immediately that he was the surgeon for me. He was kind, considerate, highly professional and affordable, which, as an unpaid carer was a huge factor and a concern for me.

A few weeks ago I had my implants of 15 years removed. The reason for having them removed was only because as a climber they became an impediment and often got in the way when scaling crags or high altitude mountains, they also lost their shape, became increasingly uncomfortable and looked unnatural. Mr Vadodaria assured me that it would only be a 20 minute (day case surgery) and that the operation was a very simple procedure. Now my breasts look amazing, in fact, they are in great shape! Even the general anaesthetic used during the operation was wonderful and gave me absolutely no ill effects post- op whatsoever, it really was the best I ever had so I am grateful to his wife, an anaesthetist, Mrs Vadodaria.

From the initial appointment to the day of the surgery was a really pleasant experience. Mr Vadodaria and his efficient staff at Harley Street were always extremely kind, considerate and supportive in making sure that should I have any concerns about the surgery it was never a problem to contact them straightaway. My thanks also goes to Mr Vadoradia’s medical staff at Highgate Hospital that looked after me so well. It is all appreciated. Thank you all again.

Breast reduction Patient 2

I had breast reduction surgery in November 2007 at the age of 56. This is something which I had thought about for many years but could not quite “pluck up the courage” to do anything about it. I had always been conscious, in fact to the point of embarrassment, of my large breasts ever since I was a teenager and as I got older I began to suffer with back and neck pain.

Eventually, in November 2006, I went to see my GP who, I should say, was extremely sympathetic and understanding and referred me to a Consultant Plastic Surgeon.

In January 2007 I had my first appointment with a member of his team who felt that I was certainly a good candidate for the surgery. At that meeting she went through the procedure with me in detail.

In August 2008 I had an appointment with my Consultant who indicated to me that he also felt I was a good candidate for the surgery and again went through the procedure in detail. At the conclusion of the consultation, after digesting all the information which he had conveyed to me, I still felt that I wanted to have the surgery.

During both the above consultations as well as being informed in detail of the procedure I felt that I was again treated with sympathy and understanding which, in a situation such as this where one may feel quite embarrassed anyway, does make you feel a lot more an ease and a lot less embarrassed. I was also given an examination that same day to make that I was fit for the surgery.

I had my surgery on Thursday 22 November 2007. I was allowed home on the evening of Friday 23 November. After the surgery I was obviously quite sore and uncomfortable when I moved around but, surprisingly, I was not in a great deal of pain, certainly a lot less that I had expected following major surgery.

Following on my surgery I had several visits to have dressings changed and to check that everything was healing up nicely. I had a consultation with my Consultant approximately three weeks after surgery and a final one just over three months after surgery. At that time my Consultant indicated to me that if I had any questions or problems in the future that I was more than welcome to contact him.

I would certainly recommend to anyone who is considering this surgery, whatever their personal reasons may be but who are perhaps a little apprehensive, should certainly seriously think of taking the initial step of consulting their GP. I am certainly glad that I did and would make the same decision again. I certainly have no regrets as this surgery has literally changed my life and certainly for the better. I am much more confident in myself and now do a lot more things that I would not have done before.

Breast reduction Patient 3

The day my life changed.

After years of suffering a sore back, sore neck and sores underneath my breasts took its toll.

I was eventually referred to the hospital through my gp.Only after waiting about 8 months.

I met Dr Vadodaria at the Golden Jubilee hospital in clydebank, he totally understood my problem, huge breasts, 40e/f.I am a size 12/14 waist, so I was totally out of proportion with my chest, also buying clothes were a nightmare a size 12/14 dress was a no no.Dr Vadodaria and the other helpful staff took time to tell me the benefits and also the risks, a risk I had to take.

I arrived at hospital at 7am Monday 12 may 08, to be shown my lovely room and to be briefed

From nurses, anaesthetists, and Dr Vadodaria.I was taken away to have my breast reduction.

When I woke up I was a bit groggy but felt amazing, even managed soup and a sandwich.

Through the day and night I was cared for from a great bunch of nurses. Next morning feeling good, i was checked over by Dr Vadodaria and allowed to go home with regular dressing changes from my local gp.My healing progress was pretty good, there was someday I was sore but new it would be worth it once my dressings came off for good.

I returned to see Dr Vadodaria 12 weeks later, he was so happy with the results and me too.

My time through the last 4 months has been worth every minute. My confidence has soared, my sore back and neck is definitely getting better and my new wardrobe is fab, thanks to my husband for letting me shop shop shop. The best thing I have done ever.

Thank you Dr Vadodaria and the NHS, you, have changed my life.

Breast reduction Patient 4

The medical care I received was of a very high standard before, during and after the operation. I received a great deal of support and advice from all the professionals concerned especially Doctor Vadodaria. He explained everything that was going to happen to me and why he was doing certain procedures as he was doing them.

I expected the scars to be more prominent than they were and am pleased to say that they are fading really well.

What I wasn’t prepared for was how much the reduction would change my lifestyle. For the first time in many years I was free from the severe pain that had blighted my life. I could now do a full days work without the headaches and other aches and pains. I am delighted with the outcome of my surgery and I would certainly recommend Dr Vadodaria to anyone.

Thank you once more for everything that you have done for me.

Breast reduction Patient 5

After enduring the discomfort of a large bust for more than 50yrs I took the decision, at the age of 71, to have a breast reduction. I was lucky enough to be referred to Mr Vadodaria as the care I received, and the results, have been fantastic. My experience was pain free and I am now enjoying life with a neat bust for the first time. I would urge any woman, regardless of age, to take the plunge and have their life changed by having this procedure performed by Mr Vadodaria.

Breast reduction Patient 6

I am writing to thank you for the surgery you performed on me at the Go]den Jubilee hospital in clydebank in February. I understand that breast reduction surgery is not considered a particularly important operation on the NHS but I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much it has changed my life. As you know before any operation I was plagued with backache, shoulder and neck pain and pins and needles in my right hand from pressure on the nerves passing through my shoulder as well as the psychological symptom asssociated with large breasts. All these symptoms have since disappeared and the relief is tremendous. My general health has also improved through improved breathing and posture. I have also been able to look forward to the summer this year as, as well as being able to wear nice fitting clothes, I have not suffered the itchy and painful sweat rashes and sores I usually get. Psychologically my confidence has soared. I no longer feel that people are staring at me, shopping is no longer a dreaded chore which ends in tears and I can exercise properly, something that was uncomfontable and embarrassing for me to do in the past. I have already been out shopping and, much to my husband’s amusement, discovered that at 41 years old I didn’t know how my new bras should fit or look as I have always had the full cup, thick strapped styles, a bit like my gnanny would wear! The biggest impact how ever has been on my quality of life with my family. Three years ago my eldest son had a lump in his neck which we were told may be a lymphoma but after it was removed turned out to be deeply infected glands. When the swelling did not go down aften a month more tests revealed that another mass was behind the glands and which, thank God, tunned out to be a neurofibroma. After the second operation to remove this he lost the hearing in his right ear, an indication, they said, there may be another one close to or on his bnain. More tests followed but thankfully it was neither and he slowly regained his hearing over the following 18 months until it was almost back to normal. This was a traumatic time for my family but made us realise how precious life is and I promised myself that I would not miss out on one more minute of my childnen’s lives. Having this openation has allowed me to have a full and active role in my childnen’s lives, from bouncing on the trampoline and playing football to having a comforting cuddle on the settee. It has also allowed me to play a more active role in my job as an Early yeans Practitioner. Fon example I can now fit me and a child between the chair and the table ! All in all my life has improved greatly both physically and mentally and I can now look forward to a future I can fully take part in and contribute to and not just watch from the sidelines and for that I can’t thank you enough.


Body Surgery

Liposuction to Chest Wall / Gynaecomastia

I am really very pleased with how the surgery went, look like a new person and feel like one! From start to beginning, the support was fantastic. The lead up appointments were informative and incredibly useful and on the day off the procedure, everything was very well organised and all went to plan. Follow up appointments have been great and recovering very quickly! It really couldn’t have turned out any better.

Liposuction Patient 1

Recently underwent liposuction surgery by Mr Shailesh vadodaria and had a wonderful experience in toto. Mr Vadodara is a hard core professional. I met him during consultation when he examined me thoroughly and explained me all details of procedures including risks and complications. He then arranged for full work up for me. Surgery was planned at London Wellbeck hospital at time suitable for me. My GP was kept in loop all the time. Mr Vadodaria’s back office and secretary was very prompt in arranging appointments and giving instructions. Mr Vadodara visited me on the morning of surgery and in the evening after the procedure. Doctors and nurses at Wellbeck Hospital, London were very helpful and maintained high standards of care all the time. Mr VadodarIa kept in touch with me after the surgery and gave me very helpful tips and important instructions.

I was very satisfied with my result of surgery and overall treatment with Mr Shaliesh Vadodaria. I am a doctor myself and can very well appreciate his skills, caring hand and kind heart and of course a very high standard of care. God bless him and may he give more smiles and add colours to life of many satisfied clients. Thank you.

Liposuction Patient 2

I was referred to Dr Vadodaria after weight loss. During my meeting with him he made me feel very relaxed and completely at ease. He listened and understood how I was feeling which in my opinion is very rare.

We decided that I would have a lower body lift, thigh liftand upper arm lift and although I was excited I was still very nervous.

The operations were split into two. The first was the lowerbody lift. Dr Vadodaria explained everything to me again before theatre,surgery went without any problems, although a little pain after this wascontrolled with pain killers. The nurses were kind and supportive and nothing was to much trouble for them.

With the first surgery going so well I had no fears aboutgetting thigh and arm lift and again no problems. If I ever need surgery again, Dr Vadodaria would be my preferred surgeon not only for his manner but hisquality of work. I would recommend him to family and friends. I can’t thank him or his staff enough for giving me a new life. I am forever grateful.

Thank you so much.

Liposuction Patient 3

A Liposuction Experience

I’d always felt at war with my pear shaped body – battling to keep the size of my saddlebags under control. Even with a healthy diet and at least 5 gym sessions a week I still couldn’t shift stubborn fat deposits around my bum and thighs. I was the fittest person in the gym, but I didn’t have the confidence to train without a sweat top tied around my waist to help disguise my problem.

It was a shopping trip with a girl friend that finally led me into taking some action. After trying on at least 30 pairs of jeans and coming home empty handed, depressed and in tears, I had an emotional discussion with my husband about the possibility of surgery. After weeks of research, I was finally standing in the consultation room with Consultant Plastic Surgeon Mr Vadadoria, a nurse and my husband – all scrutinising my naked lower extremities. It was horrendously embarrassing but at the same time liberating and exciting to be able to talk about the possibility of getting help. I was thrilled to hear that being fit, toned and at my correct body weight meant that I was an ideal candidate for liposuction and I could expect good results if I went ahead with surgery. Having to wear a pressure garment (a crotchless monstrosity) day and night for 8 weeks after the operation was daunting, but on the plus side I was told that there was no restriction on activity and I could even go to the gym as normal afterwards. After the consultation I decided to have 4 areas treated – inner and outer thighs, buttocks and flanks.

I don’t think anyone could have been more nervous on the day of the surgery than me. The only thing that kept me from bolting was the knowledge that I either accept my body or go through with it. I guess the worse bit pre-surgery was the humiliation of being washed down with vile smelling orange solution in the operating theatre – surrounded by the theatre team. However, everyone was so nice and understanding that it’s bareable – and you realise that it’s standard stuff and they’ve seen it all before. The liposuction was done under local anaesthetic with sedation. Like most people I would rather have been knocked out with a sledge hammer but I can see now why it’s better to do it this way as its easier for the surgeon to move you around and get a good result. I was fairly relaxed during the procedure (just very emotional) and although I was in surgery for 3 hours the time flew. Afterwards I was extremely cold and wet (from the Tumenescent fluid used) and a little sore. I had to stay in the clinic overnight and I am very glad I did as the incision sites leaked quite a lot – this is normal but it can be very unnerving and messy and I felt a little light headed.

The following day I can remember the nurse saying to me that over the next few weeks I would have my ups and my downs – and how right she was! The first couple of days were ok – you know you are going to be a bit sore and leaky but it’s a relief when its not too bad and you are managing to get out and about. It wasn’t until day 3 after the op that the swelling really kicked in. My legs were like sausages and the garment was really tight and uncomfortable. I can remember feeling quite sorry for myself at this point – you can’t really see the results and you have to keep the faith that it’s normal. I still persevered with walking and keeping as active as possible. I also avoided alcohol, too much salt and caffeine to try and give my body a chance to beat the bloat. Although most of the incision sites stop leaking after 48 hours I had one incision site that kept leaking badly for a good week or so. I am so glad that I brought a second pressure garment as it made life a lot easier (you have to hand wash them and they take a while to dry). I was also very glad to have the support of my husband – it would have been a lot harder without him helping out.

I took Arnica religiously before and after the operation to minimise bruising and I am sure this made a difference because I was expecting the bruising to be a lot worse than it was. I also took Bromelain to help minimise swelling – whether it helped or not is hard to tell but at least I felt like I was doing something positive to aid my body’s recovery.

On day 10 I made it back into the gym. Wearing the garment felt like I was exercising in a wet suit but to my astonishment I managed a decent workout. High impact activity caused discomfort so I avoided running and used the x-trainer, bike and free-weights instead. I started to feel like I was getting back to a normal routine which was a real boost. After exercise the swelling would worsen slightly but this temporary side effect was worth it as the benefits of exercise far outweighed the negatives (I would avoid weight gain, maintain muscle tone and get a better final result).

Two weeks after the operation I could massage the treated areas with a Scholl shiatsu massager (available from Boots). I found this really helped with the swelling and evening out the lumps and bumps. I also started to use Bio Oil on the incision sites to help minimise scaring.

Wearing the pressure garment day and night started to get me down a bit (it’s not the most attractive thing in the world!) so I decided to do some research into alternatives and ordered a Marina stage 2 liposuction garment on the internet (most cosmetic surgery products are sourced from the US so ordering online was the only option). It cost about £70 but it really made a big difference as I found it to be more discreet under clothes, lighter and more comfortable. I wore the new garment during the day (from week two post op) and my original garments at night and in the gym.

During the first month or so of recovery I found it easier and more comfortable to wear long skirts, dresses and loose clothing. Although I could see a difference in my contour I was still too swollen to fit into jeans and tight clothing and the garment made it difficult to wear anything too tight or revealing. Although it takes six months for you to see your final result, I was told that most people start to see their new shape six weeks after liposuction as the worst of the swelling subsides. It was almost six weeks to the day when I saw some jeans in a shop window and decided to try them on. To be honest I didn’t think I would get in them let alone like them but to my astonishment they looked great. I could really see my new shape and I was totally elated.

After 8 weeks I went for a follow-up consultation with Mr Vadadoria where more photos were taken and we were able to compare before and after pictures. I’d forgotten what my body looked like before as my shape had changed so much. I was told that the final result would not be seen until 6 months but even so I couldn’t believe the difference the surgery had made – there wasn’t a saddlebag in sight.

I no longer needed to wear the pressure garment so I decided to have a lymphatic drainage massage once a week to help get rid of the swelling and fluid build up and to generally help my body recover. I found this to be very beneficial and could see and feel a difference 2-3 days after each session.

I am now 6 months post op and my body has recovered extremely well. The contour of my thighs has evened out considerably and my scars are very discreet and fading nicely. One thigh (saddlebag area) is very slightly larger than the other which although very minor I am considering a corrective procedure. However, I must state that this is a personal thing and you would not notice unless you really looked.

I can honestly say that having liposuction has been very liberating and I now feel so much more confident in my own skin. It has not been a walk in the park but for me the cost, time and discomfort have been totally worth it. I feel even more motivated in the gym now that I can see the results and the sweat top disguise is now left in the locker

Liposuction Patient 4

First of all thank you for taking such good care of me in your kind and professional manner.

My experience is this. From my first consultation at the West London Clinic you were extremely thorough and professional both in the examination and explanation of the surgery.

We discussed my expectations and I was confident throughout of a successful outcome, even as you explained I was one of your eldest patients assuring me you would not perform the surgery if you were not confident. The consultation was not rushed at any time which is important and reassuring.

My operation was performed at a day patient and I felt relaxed from the minute I arrived. I met my anaesthetist and Mr. Vadodaria prior to surgery and all aspect of the surgery was explained. Both during and after surgery I felt no pain and was constantly reassured throughout. I was able to go home after a rest and a snack. During the next few days I rested and walked as exercise, which was recommended.

I noticed results immediately and after approximately a week felt elated with the results. I am delighted with my surgery and my choice of surgeon.

Every day I see an improvement.

Thank you so much,

Liposuction Patient 5

I was looking for a professional and reliable private clinic for my liposuction, and I was recommended from a friend to visit the West London Clinic. There I met my surgeon Mr. Bvadodaria. I felt very comfortable with him from the first time, and we discussed the different options available. In the past I had a breast augmentation overseas, but I was not satisfied with the results. This was also brought up with Mr. Bvadodaria and we eventually agreed for me to have both procedures done at the same time.

After the operation I was very happy with the results. My thighs are as I wanted, and my breasts are also exactly as I had hoped. I would like to thank Mr Bvadodaria for his professionalism and for all the time he spent with me deciding what my best choice was.

Liposuction Patient 6

I wanted to shape my body by liposuction particularly the fat deposits on my tummy and flanks which I could not shift with exercise and diet control. Hence, I saw my friends who had liposuction in the past. They achieved only little improvement after multiple liposuctions. So I felt the need to seek advice from my friends experienced in cosmetic surgery field in order to find the best consultant. It was clear to me after my first consultation with Mr. Shailesh Vadodaria that I would trust my body into hands of Mr. Shailesh Vaodaria for liposuction of abdomen and flanks. He liposucked 3 litres of fat from my tummy as well as flanks in the month of June, 08.

I confirmed that my dress size (bottom) has gone down from 14 to 10 within 6 weeks following liposuction. My circumference of the tummy and flank region was measured before and 6 weeks after the liposuction. It was came down by 11 cms (Average) following the procedure.

Change in circumference of my tummy

  Post Operation 6 Weeks After Operation Difference
Upper Abdomen 84 cm 74 cm 10 cm ?
Lower Abdomen 86 cm 78 cm 8 cm ?
Flanks 100 cm 85 cm 15 cm ?

Mr Vadodaria not only the best for his clinical expertise but also for his ethics and professionalism. He is truly a remarkable consultant plastic surgeon.

Liposuction Patient 7

I was extremely pleased with the way you explained the procedures to us and took your time to do so. We had a list of questions which in all honesty would have taken hours to answer but thanks to the wealth of information you provided us with the list was quickly resolved.

A move to my situation – when I approached you with the=2 0condition I came to know as ‘Gynecomastia’, the way in which you made me feel as though it was the smallest of issues to rectify gave me an instant feeling of relief, as if the world had just been lifted off of my shoulders and that moment was something I will never forget. To have Gynecomastia is to be a prisoner in ones body in that you are unable to look at yourself in the mirror without being depressed. I now realise this affected my confidence to no end both in my professional life and personal life turning to food for comfort and further creating health issues by allowing myself to become so unhealthy and overweight. But now this is all in the past!

As you know I opted to have the Gynecomastia corrected and liposuction to my abdomen and flanks. The surgery itself was a lot easier for me than I imagined it would be, I had visions of being extremely scared and nervous but you and your team ensured I knew I was in good hands at all times. The importance of this I cannot place a value on. Your anaesthetist did her job extremely well and was constantly talking to me and making sure I was=2 0comfortable. The opportunity to meet her before hand ensured I had a friendly, familiar face. Although I understand I was in surgery for a significant amount of time, for me it flew by and I was in the recovery area within a very short period of time.

It has been 5 months since my surgery and I am possibly the happiest man alive. I feel young again, more in control, confident (sometimes a little over confident!) and people have noticed this in me. Shopping for clothes is now a fun experience and my only definition of something that doesn’t suit me is down to the colour or style as opposed to the way it may highlight particular issues on my body!

Gynecomastia affected me in the most unbelievable ways, would you believe I am now more confident in my working life?? Having confidence is extremely important in my career as I regularly have to voice my opinions or suggestions to an audience. My personal life is a lot happier and more pleasant too, we recently went on a beach holiday and I was able to remove my shirt for the first time in public and I actually felt proud of my body. The change in me is unbelievable!

Would I recommend cosmetic surgery to anyone? No. Would I recommend cosmetic surgery to anyone provided you were the surgeon? Yes! The choice of a surgeon is a very personal one, after all one must feel comfortable with who they trust their body with but I can safely say my instinct to go with you was the correct one and I am extremely glad I did. My life has changed for the better and my only regret is that our paths did not meet sooner.

Liposuction Patient 8

I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to you and your wife for taking good care of me took care of me.

I am a very lucky person to meet a doctor like you, you and your whole team were so kind.

Liposuction Patient 9

Well its a year since my full body-lift that you carried out on myself on June 22nd, 2009. And this card is just to say a very big Thank You for changing my life as I have a lot more confidence and I am a lot more outgoing in my life. And then in January 2010 you carried out two other operations on myself – my inner thighs and my chest, which are all healed really well.

I am so sorry for missing you as the times that the appointment came out I was unable to come to see you. I really did want to see you so you could have seen your lovely work that you did as well.

Once again I really want to thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

Liposuction Patient 10

From the age of 16 I have had cellulite. And, being only a size 8, proved that it has nothing to do with being overweight. The older I got, the more any weight I happened to gain, went straight to my hips and thighs.

I was a highly competitive martial artist for 10 years, competing for Britain in the World Championships. No matter how hard I trained, my shape never changed. I would gain or lose weight all over, so basically my dimensions always stayed the same. I simply couldn’t shift the majority of the weight from my lower half. I was a size 8/10 on top and a 12 on bottom ‘ impossible clothing size.

Then came the saddles bags. These started around the age of 25 and again, I am relatively slim with a small frame all over, but the thighs and bottom were always the focal point and I was obsessed with looking at my bum in the mirror.

It never caused me anguish as such, in fact, my bum actually garnered a nickname from friends and family as ‘the mothership’ (long story) ‘.. but that’s how it was known.

I had been thinking about liposuction for years, well actually since my very early 20′s as a friend of mine had it done. Her measurements were even more extreme being a size 6 on top and a 14 on the bottom!!!! I went through the whole process with her so I had a fairly good understanding of the entire, procedure and recovery time.

The final decision to go ahead with it came this year (March 2010) in which the photographs from a girl’s holiday to the South Pacific Islands spurred me into action. My legs simply looked enormous. This was accentuated by the fact that I have a small waist (maybe 27 inches). There is a difference between ‘curvy’ and ‘disproportioned’. I most definitely did not want to lose my curves, but something had to be done.

I decided to investigate the procedure and had been recommended to Mr Vadodaria and his practice. I went to the initial consultation with my sister (who was completely sceptical and not happy about my decision to do this), but after a thorough consultation, every question and concern that we both had were acknowledged, and a complete confidence that Mr Vadodaria and his team inspired in us, I decided to go ahead.

I had done a lot of reading regarding this procedure to try to be as informed as possible. This only strengthened my relationship with my surgeon. I did not have unrealistic views of the procedure or the recovery time and the part I would need to play to optimise the results.

My biggest fear of all was going under General Anaesthetic. Aside from the fact it makes me incredibly sick for days, the mere thought terrifies me. So it was to my delight to find out the operation would take place under ‘twilight sedation and localised anaesthetic’.

On the day of my surgery, my sister was frantic with worry but I simply couldn’t wait. I felt I had been given such personal treatment, time, patience and understanding from the surgical team and the nurses had treated me with such a closeness, that I couldn’t possibly find anything to worry about.

When I finally came round after the surgery, I was drowsy for about 40 mins, then I was completely awake and alert. My sister could not believe it when I was wheeled back into my private recovery room. I spent the next 6 hours resting and being attended to by my dedicated nurse; I felt amazing. More than anything though, was my complete surprise as to how the twilight sedation had worked. I was not sick at all, in fact, aside from the soreness in my legs, I didn’t actually feel that I’d been under ‘ I felt fantastic!

I went home that evening and my sister had been advised by the nurse on how to tend to my dressings etc and what to expect over the next few days. I was telephoned to make sure I was ok and text messages were also sent to me. The service and care were impeccable.

I am now 2.5 weeks after my surgery and have had 2 follow up consultations with Mr Vadodaria. I have been taking the arnica to help with the bruising (which has almost gone) and all that remains is some soreness and the swelling (which the pressure garment is taking care of). I have changed my diet also, not to extremes, but just to make some better choices and have been keeping as mobile as possible and walking regularly to help the recovery process.

My measurements so far have been quite something, and I can’t stop looking in the mirror! Knowing these are the results from under 3 weeks, I know there is yet better to come ‘ but I know I still need to do my part to achieve this which is to make better food choices and keep mobile. I am never going to be an exercise freak, but I invested in a treadmill and am trying to walk 5km a day in around 45 mins when I get home from work.

Whilst this is an expensive procedure that affects every aspect of your life for a while, it is a decision and a change for the better that I simply do not regret in any way, shape or form. It has given me a shape that has boosted my confidence and inspired the drive in me to work at keeping.

Arm Lift (Brachiaplasty)

I was referred to Dr Vadodaria after weight loss. During my meeting with him he made me feel very relaxed and completely at ease. He listened and understood how I was feeling which in my opinion is very rare.

We decided that I would have a lower body lift, thigh liftand upper arm lift and although I was excited I was still very nervous.

The operations were split into two. The first was the lowerbody lift. Dr Vadodaria explained everything to me again before theatre,surgery went without any problems, although a little pain after this wascontrolled with pain killers. The nurses were kind and supportive and nothing was to much trouble for them.

With the first surgery going so well I had no fears aboutgetting thigh and arm lift and again no problems. If I ever need surgery again, Dr Vadodaria would be my preferred surgeon not only for his manner but hisquality of work. I would recommend him to family and friends. I can’t thank him or his staff enough for giving me a new life. I am forever grateful.

Tummy Tuck Patient 1

Before I had my tummy tuck I lacked self confidence in my appearance and the way I felt about myself. I had lost an extreme amount of weight which caused me to have a lot of extra loose skin especially around my arms which I tend to try and hide with bigger clothes especially my arms. My Doctor referred me to see Mr Vadodaria to have an assessment to see if I would be suitable for a tummy tuck. I was successful and had my operation at the beginning of the year. I felt so happy and very comfortable with my doctor, he made me feel relaxed and confident about the procedure I was about to have.

The nursing staff on the ward where very patient, understanding and helpful to all my needs during my stay. When I woke up I was in a little discomfort but the nursing staff where right at hand to help me relax and ease any of the pain. My recovery period was a little tiring too but it was all well worth it. When I saw the final results I was overwhelmed with the amazing transformation of my body which has now given me a lot more confidence in the way I look and feel about myself. I now can wear clothes that I feel I look amazing in. I also feel comfortable wearing swimwear in my local swimming pool, which for me is a big thing. Mr Vadodaria has done an amazing performance in giving me a nice flat tummy and giving me the confidence to be who I am and embrace my lovely nice figure. To him and all my staff I am very much appreciative.

Tummy Tuck Patient 2

Can I just thank you for the surgery performed and to which I am so very pleased. I felt really strange talking about cosmetic surgery and a tummy tuck. thinking was I being vain what would people think of me and would they like just using resources unnecessarily but the surgery has changed my life. after I had my daughter 9 years ago I ballooned up to 16 stone I was determined to lose the weight and did so reaching my target of 10 stone everyone kept on saying well done you look great and the weight loss was brilliant but under my clothes I had been left with lots of flaps of skin that would hang and bulge and leave me with sores around my groin and I hated ho I looked hated me and felt not like a woman. I hated wearing anything that was remotely flattering , I would not go swimming , undress in any public area and even avoided getting undressed in front of my husband my life was spent as soon as I met someone I would look at their tummy area rather than them as a person first sounds silly but this was my perspective and I thought I was happier when I was big as I did not see all this flesh bulging around. I went to see my GP at the time and they were not that helpful and tried to put me off but I asked for a referral to a surgeon he was great and could understand how I felt I had kept the weight off for 6 years and felt healthy and referred me to a plastic surgeon in edinburgh. in scotland we are very lucky as abdominoplasty is on the NHS don’t get me wrong it is not just a case of asking for it you have a long wait and you have to see a clinical psychologist to see if you qualify for surgery I waited 4 years from referral to getting an appointment with Mr V I still was unsure about surgery I am a nurse and had read all the stories of good and not so good plastic surgery stories but I would say that put your trust in a good surgeon and they will look after you. being referred to Mr V I was so lucky he understood my anxiety and how I felt with having nearly 3 lb of excess skin in folds. the day of surgery I was terrified I was frightened of everything and knowing that this was an elective procedure and what was I doing by putting my family through this wait but I was put at ease and treated as an individual on every account. I won’t lie the pain following surgery was like no other pain I had felt I had 3 drains draining excess blood away and could only walk along the wall bent over double and the first 3 days I could only look at the floor but the pain gets better the drains get taken away and memories start to fade of how horrible I felt, I remember Mr V telling me would need at least 8 weeks off being a nurse I knew better and thought a few weeks would do I needed the full 8 weeks and 2 more trust all your surgeon tells you and wear the corset for the 6 weeks and take the time off he tells you if like me you have waited years for surgery that changes your life don’t ruin your recovery for vanity of the corset or wanting to push yourself to quick to recover. 6 months on my life is great I go swimming and wear a tankini my tummy is flat I don’t look 6 months pregnant with a bump I don’t have to wear long tops to cover my tummy bump of skin I sail and run I can wear jean without pushing skin folds into my jeans and I feel like a woman thank you Mr V you have changed me and my life.

Tummy Tuck Patient 3

Well its a year since my full body-lift that you carried out on myself on June 22nd, 2009. And this card is just to say a very big Thank You for changing my life as I have a lot more confidence and I am a lot more outgoing in my life. And then in January 2010 you carried out two other operations on myself – my inner thighs and my chest, which are all healed really well.

I am so sorry for missing you as the times that the appointment came out I was unable to come to see you. I really did want to see you so you could have seen your lovely work that you did as well.

Once again I really want to thank you again from the bottom of my heart.


Male Surgery

Gynaecomastia patient 1

Since I can remember I’ve had a big chest almost breast like, I never felt comfortable. I lost a lot of weight over the years but they never reduced in size they just became more saggy.

It was time for action so I started researching and came across Mr Vadodaria’s website and reviews #8211; very impressive. I also viewed a couple of other clinics who I found to be unprofessional and not as experienced so I decided to go ahead with Mr Vadodaria.

My time with Mr Vadodaria was so reassuring and positive. All my questions and concerns were answered before even asking. His welcoming, warm and experienced approach makes you feel confident in his hands. I walked out of that clinic feeling uplifted and excited, I was closer to a new me.

Mr Vadodaria and his team are always at hand for when you need them, they keep in constant contact via email and phone making the experience far more positive. You have to remember you are risking your life this is a huge decision and Mr Vadodaria’s experience and credentials made me feel at ease.

I felt very comfortable in hospital before and after my operation, they really look after you and cater to all your needs

I would definitely recommend Mr Vadodaria.

Gynaecomastia patient 2

I am writing to thank you for my chest reduction, I have always had a large chest from a very young age, it give me back pains, then five years ago I had a major car crash in which I had bad head injury’s and I badly damaged my left ribs, I have suffered bad pain since then and I felt that my life has been on a full stop. My chest was too big and this made the pain unbearable and it made my breathing bad. I was glad that I was considered for the operation on medical grounds. My chest now is a lot better and it does not lean on my ribs now, my breathing is better and I am starting to get on now with my life again, I just can’t put down in words how much you have changed my life.

Gynaecomastia patient 3

I am a 16 year old, who suffered from a severe case of Gynecomastia. I have now received my operation to remove my “man boobs” and the difference is astounding, before the operation I was a self-conscious boy who would not take off his shirt in a changing room I would not go swimming or participate in certain sports. I also was bullied from the age of about 12-13 years old about my “boob” which I couldn’t help having. It was not as if I had eaten too much and become over weight I was a healthy individual who had enjoyed sports beforehand. Before my operation I was overwhelmed that I was finally getting it after years of waiting. Although there was a minor hiccup before the operation I was eventually taken in. After the operation I was pretty drowsy and couldn’t really think much about the difference but after a good nights sleep I started getting out of bed and with the help of the nurses started walking and was walking on my own a few hours later. The difference was astounding right away even though there was slight swelling the difference was huge, I knew right away it had been the right thing to do. I spent 3 days in hospital in absolutely no discomfort and relaxation, ok I was woken at 2 a.m. but that was to receive antibiotics. Now the drains!!! No don’t worry they are painless and you hardly feel them. Getting them removed is a strange sensation but not one of pain. So guys if you think you have Gynecomastia or you have it, go for the operation it’s life changing! I would like to thank Mr. Shailesh Vadodaria who was the best surgeon I could have asked for.

Gynaecomastia patient 4

Well its a year since my full bodylift that you carried out on myself on June 22nd, 2009. And this card is just to say a very big Thank You for changing my life as I have a lot more confidence and I am a lot more outgoing in my life. And then in January 2010 you carried out two other operations on myself – my inner thighs and my chest, which are all healed really well.

I am so sorry for missing you as the times that the appointment came out I was unable to come to see you. I really did want to see you so you could have seen your lovely work that you did as well.

Once again I really want to thank you again from the bottom of my heart.


Other Surgery

Ear Lobule Repair

Before I met Mr Vadodaria I felt a little worried about having an operation. However, before the operation, Mr Vadodaria took care to see that I felt well looked after and comfortable. The arrangements were very good, thorough and efficient.

On the day of the operation, Mr Vadodaria took care to see I was comfortable and that any questions I had were answered. In the theatre, the music I had chosen was p laying. I felt relaxed and confident.

Even though it is only one week after my operation, I am very happy with how the wound is healing, and am feeling well in myself. I am looking forward to being able to wear earrings again!

Mr Vadodaria and his team met my expectations, and I would be happy to recommend him.


I attended today for my six week follow up appointment. As always, the staff member who greeted me was very polite and courteous. She offered me refreshments, which was much appreciated as it was a warm day.

Mr Vadodaria saw me very promptly and examined me. He was very happy with my progress, reporting that my earlobes had healed extremely well following the repair procedure he had carried out.

I have been happy with the whole procedure. I would recommend Medical Arts for Cosmetic Surgery Mr Shailesh Vadodaria to anyone for such surgery.

I will not hesitate to use your services again. The ear-lobule surgery was done to my satisfaction.

Tattoo Removal

I have had three minor procedures with Mr Vadodaria and my experience with both him and his team has been first class. Mr Vadodaria is very generous with his time and takes care to ensure that you are well informed about the procedure you are interested in, including setting expectations from the outset. Mr Vadodaria was very careful to balance my desired outcome with my safety throughout.

Mr Vadodaria’s aftercare programme is also excellent, any concerns I had were addressed by emergency review appointment and I was always able to reach Mr Vadodaria via email if needed.

I am very happy with the result of my procedures to date and can’t stress enough how well cared for I felt under Mr Vadodaria’s supervision. I would definitely recommend him and his team.

Scar Revision

It is hard to put in to words how I feel and the gratitude I have. To live with a 3 inch scar on my face is very tuff the look’s you get from people the job interviews that I didn’t get. The depression I put on myself the list goes on and on! By putting my picture on this website if at least helps 1 person I will be more than happy!!

Again on behalf of me and my family I would like to thank Mr. Shailesh Vadodaria for his time and for the Z plasty surgery he done for me.

And the new found confidence that I may have lost all those years ago.



Patient Feedback