Liposuction and psychology

Our panel discusses topics including liposuction and visceral fat. carboxytherapy and how to deal with poor patient perception during consultation

Q: Some liposuction-related deaths may have been related to a hernia that has been perforated by the cannula. Should patients have on X-ray or MRI scan beforehand to check if they have some sort of concealed hernia?

Mr Shailesh Vadodaria: One thing which we cannot miss out is to have a simple. very detailed examination of the abdomen to rule out hepatosplenomegaly and hernia sites. We must do it and we must document.

We should exclude hernia by detailed clinical examination before a patient is booked for liposuction procedure. In my practice. I don’t know how to convince someone to have for a routine ultrasound or MRI for aesthetic procedure like liposuction.

If a patient is so obese that you cannot examine hernia sites. I do not think that they are appropriate patients for liposuction procedure. They should be requested to optimize their body mass index by other means before embarking upon liposuction.

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